MOFOS Cuddling Coochies HD Full Links

MOFOS Cuddling Coochies is a lesbian porn video that stars Bailey Brooke, Xeena Mae.  It was released for Girl Gone Pink on 29th October, 2018.

Bailey Brooke stars in her 11th MOFOS porn video.  She is joined by Xeena Mae who is only making her 2nd appearance.  It is a Girls Gone Pink lesbian porn video.

Here’s the full MOFOS Cuddling Coochies scene description.

When Xeena crashes at Bailey’s house, she’s left on the old, bumpy-ass couch in the living room. Unable to sleep she wonders if Bailey would let her join in on the comfy bed? They’re just friends, no big deal, happens all the time… Right?

IN a small bed, it’s inevitable that these two ladies start touching… Xeena takes the initiative and asks Bailey for some guidance – she’s never been with a girl before. And what better way to experience that than with a close, open-minded friend?

Soon these two beauties are kissing, running their hands over each other’s bodies, and giggling out any last-minute nerves. But that quickly disappears in moments of licking and grinding, tongues traveling over nipples, lips, and thighs… Friends are always there when you need them!

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I Know That Girl Pumping Iron HD

I Know That Girl Pumping Iron star the fabulously sexy Arietta Adams.  This porn video from MOFOS was released on 28th October, 2018.

Let’s face it guys, we have all looked at the hot gym bunnies in the gym.  We have all tried to sneak a peek at her tight ass and firm breasts.  But don’t get caught, or you will be branded the gym pervert!

Arietta Adams is in the gym today just workout.  She is well aware that her ass is something that men desire.  Miss Adams really loves to stick that ass out there during her squat sessions.

She has witnessed many men trip over themselves trying to have a quick glance at her firm buttocks.  The only thing she objects to is guys trying to take photos of her in the gym.  They don’t do it blatantly.  They just take selfies and try and get her in the background working out.

Here’s the full I Know That Girl Pumping Iron HD description

Is there anything like a redhead in tight spandex and workout gear? Seeing the fabric stretch and pull over her ass as she flexes and warms up?

Covering all but hiding nothing? Well, with Arietta the dreams come true as she performs her quick home routine – pacing her breathing and deadlifting some iron as she clenches her round ass.

Her form isn’t bad either! But the workout doesn’t end there… Sean arrives to give dedicated Arietta a more intense workout. But is this a rare occurrence or part of her normal sex-filled routine? Nothing burns calories more calories than an orgasm!

MOFOS Strap On Versus the Real Deal HD

MOFOS Strap On Versus the Real Deal stars Emma Hix and Rosalyn Sphinx.  This Share My BF threesome video was released on 27th October, 2018.

Come on guys, haven’t we all wondered whether our GF’s have compared us to their dildo’s?  I’m pretty sure that most big rubber dildo’s are modelled on big cocks at least 10 inches long.

But imagine catching your girlfriend getting fucked by a strap-on dildo from another woman.  I’m not sure how I would feel?  Would you consider it cheating?   Or would you sit back and watch the action.  Maybe even join in the fun for an unexpected threesome.

Here’s the Full MOFOS Strap On Versus the Real Deal description.

When Alex walks in on his girlfriend Rosalyn having sex with Emma, he’s furious! At first. But then also kind of turned on.

He peeks in on Rosalyn getting pounded from behind as Emma spanks, thrusts, and rams his supposed girlfriend from behind! Well, when life gives you a cheating girlfriend, you make the best of it.

Alex pulls out his cock and begins to jack off at the free lesbian show. When he’s finally caught, as all peeping Toms are, the illusion is lost and he confronts Emma!

But then Rosalyn proposes a happy solution to the awkward ordeal – a contest between penis and plastic: winner take all!

MOFOS Stranded In My Feelings HD

Izzy Lust stars in this MOFOS Stranded In My Feelings.  It was released for Stranded Teens on 26th October 2018.

They say that if you have sex appeal, then you will be a social media star.  Being able to show cleavage and having a pretty face will get you far in life.

Is that true?  Well Izzy Lust is about to take her social media profile to the next level.  She is putting out her sexuality for all to see.  Will she get more followers, or just more trolls?

Here’s the full MOFOS Stranded In My Feelings description

Izzy is having her boyfriend help her film the latest social trend – well, a couple months late, but she’s enthusiastic – dancing next to a moving car.

To turn it up a notch, Izzy proposed stripping down and showing off some skin to attract more views. Sounds like it would work. Adding sex appeal always does!

However, her boyfriend decided it would be much more viral if he drove off – stranding her there in her underwear! Maybe an innocent and noble bystander can help her out…

I mean, who would turn away a young, fit, scantily clad teen begging for help? Her only crime is seeking internet fame! So, why not give it to her?

MOFOS Pay to Betray HD Addison Lee

MOFOS Pay to Betray is a new MOFOS porn video starring Addison Lee.  Ths HD porn video was released for Perv on Patrol on 25th October, 2018. 

Imagine having a slutty girlfriend who is happy to suck a strangers cock.  Spare a though for this piss poor boyfriend who had to watch his GF suck a guys cock.

They agreed to let Addison Lee suck a dudes cock for cash. They went down some sleazy back alley to consummate the deal.

Here’s the FULL MOFOS Pay to Betray scene description

Our man is out on the prowl looking for his next hook-up, when he spots the beautiful but evidently taken Addison Lee walking with her boyfriend. Knowing that enough money can change anyone’s mind, we head over to make some indecent proposals to the young couple.

Unfortunately for this clueless boyfriend, it seems that Addison is more than eager to strip, suck, and fuck for cash. While her “partner” is forced to watch it all before stomping off in a rage.

When they say money can’t buy happiness, I guess it depends on who’s selling!

MOFOS Amateur POV HD Macy Marx

MOFOS Amateur POV HD stars new comer Macy Marx.  This is the very first MOFOS porn video that Macy has appeared in.  It was released for MOFOS B Sides on 23rd October, 2018.

This is how you make a sex tape.  You have to have a really shy amateur model who has never fucked on camera before.

You tell her that all the famous celebrities have made sex tapes.  That’s how some of them got famous in the first place.

Here the MOFOS Amateur POV full description

The all-natural Macy Marx has finally allowed herself to be filmed, showing off her big eyes, perky handfuls, and wet pink pussy for all of the internet to see.

This girl-next-door slides her manicured fingers in and out as she teases and dirty talks, giving us a close-up of that heavenly slit. She quickly swings around to go the classic face-down ass-up pose to get eaten out…

Returning the favor with some enthusiastic and noisy throat fucking! Even though she gags, spits, and moans, her smile shows Macy is enjoying every moments of this sex tape — and the fact that you’re watching right now is making her even more excited…

Our Queen is Back Lisa Ann Brazzers Full HD Porn Ad

Our Queen is Back is a new porn Brazzers porn advert to announce that Lisa Ann is back.  It has been advertised for a month or so, before the release date.

The actual Lisa Ann porn video that she returns with is called I Want it Harder.  She is in a massage parlour and demands to be fucked as hard as possible.

This true legendary pornstar holds nothing back in this Brazzers HD video.  Lisa Ann is probably one of the most recognisable pornstars on the planet.

Her body is still in fantastic shape, and those big MILF tits are still bouncing around like crazy.

Our Queen is Back will be a very popular porn ad.  As soon as porn fans see that Lisa Ann is getting her ass fucked, then people will flock to Brazzers.  This new Brazzers Porn advert has it all.  White yoga pants, big tits, and Lisa Ann getting fucked in the ass.

I’m not surprised that Brazzers made a porn advert about this new Lisa Ann porn video.  I think this advert will run for a while.  I think that there will be more than one Lisa Ann porn advert out there as well.

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Rae Lil Black Stars in a Fake Taxi HD Video

Rae Lil Black appears in a hardcore Fake Taxi porn video with Marc Rose.  This hot and rough FakeTaxi video was released by FakeHub on 21st October, 2018.

This latest Fake Taxi porn video is called Hot Japanese deepthroat skills.  It stars one of PornHubs most popular amateur web cam babes Rae Lil Black.

Here’s the full description of Rae Lil Black in Hot Japanese deepthroat skills

Rae Lil Black got into the cab today.  A sexy Japanese minx who was in the UK for the first time. Seeing as it was her first time here, I told her about our little tradition, how if a lady flashes her tits. They get their ride for free.

Rae was into the idea, especially when I told her if I could have a piece of that ass I would drive her around for her vacation for free!

I got in the back and Rae gave me a sloppy blowjob. Then I fucked that tight Asian pussy inside the cab, then outside on the hood. After I got my fix, I covered her with a massive facial!

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Creeping In For Rent HD RealityKings

Creeping In For Rent is a brand new Reality Kings porn video starring Isiah Maxwell and Kyra Hot.  This interracial porn video was released on 22nd October, 2018.

This black on blonde porn video stars hot babe, Kyra Hot.  She gets her throat fucked and pussy pounded by a big black cock.

Blonde scammer Kyra Hot hasn’t been paying her rent, so her landlord asks his friend Isiah Maxwell to help get what she owes.

This blonde nympho hears them whispering before Isiah creeps into her room, and although she doesn’t have the cash, she thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun.

Before Isiah knows what’s hit him she’s got her plump blowjob lips and big fake tits wrapped around his big black cock! In Creeping for the Rent, Isiah wants a taste of that tight wet pussy. Then he gives Kyra what she wants, a deep pussy pounding that has her moaning with pleasure.

Another hot titty-fuck and Isiah drops his huge load on Kyra’s lips! She loves every minute…until her landlord tells her she still needs to pay up!

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Shy Maids RealityKings Emily Willis Katana Kombat

Katana Kombat, Emily Willis and Logan Long star in this RealityKings Shy Maids threesome porn video.  It was released for RK Prime on 22nd October, 2018.

Rising pornstar Katana Kombat and sexy Emily Willis star together as they both get fucked by Logan Long.  This RK Prime video is set in a hotel.  Katana and Emma are dress as sexy hotel maids.

They both fool around and discuss having lesbian sex together.  But when they spot Logan Long, naked in the shower, they both realised they love cock.

Logan can see the two hot maids watching him in the shower.  He fantasises about fucking them both in his hotel room.  As he day dreams about it, his cock becomes erect.  Katana Kombat and Emily Willis stare at his cock.  Finally Logan invites them both into his room for a steam threesome.

Here’s the RealityKings Shy Maids description

Sexy Latina maids Emily Willis and Katana Kombat are hard at work cleaning the hotel suite, bending over to plump up the pillows so their short skirts hike up and show their panties.

At first, Katana doesn’t notice when guest Logan Long returns to the room, but he gets an eyeful before heading to the shower. Emily walks in on him and catches him jacking his big dick!

The helpful maids offer Logan a hand, and soon they polish his cock nice and clean with their tongues, then take turns getting fucked deep. Logan gives these maids something else to clean up as he cums all over their pretty faces!