Editing Strap-On Sex Videos with a Twist

I remember being the senior editor on a web site that was dedicated to strap on sex.  Sitting in a pub in Canterbury, Kent, the producers discussed a new strap-on niche site around a few pints of Guinness.  As soon as they said strap-on sex, I stuck my hand up and requested to be the lead editor on the site.  I was a big fan of seeing hot babes using strap-ons to fuck each other with.

However, what they neglected to tell me at the time was that the site would also include ‘pegging’ scenes.  Pegging is the term used for guys getting fucked in the ass with sex toys.  So the idea was to mix the girl on girl scenes with girl on guy scenes.

In hindsight we should of realised that is wasn’t going to work. I don’t think that the two niches go together.  Personally I didn’t enjoy editing the girl on guy strap on scenes.  I was more interested in the girl on girl scenes.

So when I opened up my first set of strap-on scenes and saw guys bending over and being fucked in the ass, I was immediately on the phone to the producers, who laughed their tits off when I told them I had been stitched up.

However, I do recall some scenes featuring boy/girl strap-on videos that I did enjoy editing.  Some of the videos featured the guys being able to use the strap-ons to fuck the girls in the pussy and the ass at the same time.  So they became double penetration videos, that I enjoyed editing very much.

The strap-on site no longer exists as a stand alone site.  All the strapon.xxx videos are available to watch on .  I remember a few years ago, having to rebrand each strapon.xxx scene with Lesbea, Dane Jones or Mom.xxx logos and branding.

Some of the girl on girl strap-on sex videos that I can remember off the top of my head features British babes like Ava Dalush, Lucia Love and Samantha Bentley.  But of course there are plenty of very sexy European babes that feature heavily.

Top European pornstars such as Tracey Lindsay, Eufrat Mai, Lola Myluv, Billie Star and many more perform some amazing scenes featuring strap-on sex toys.

I edited these porn videos using Final Cut Pro.  I was tasked with editing a 20-30 minute full scene and then cut a 12 minute tube version + 2 minute trailer.

Carmel Anderson – One of my All Time Favourite Pornstars

As you may of already realised, I am a huge fan of British pornstar Carmel Anderson.  She is definitely one of my all time favourite pornstars.  I have had the pleasure of editing Miss Anderson in three FakeHub porn video over the passed seven years. 

Let’s have a look at all nine FakeHub videos that petite British pornstar Carmel Anderson has appeared in.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number One

Carmel’s very first appearance in the now legendary Fake Taxi came in February 2016.  She is wearing a fluffy pink top and a pair of tight leather looking trousers.  The petite beauty is picked up from the side of the road and asks to be taken to Sheffield.  This is a 22 minute Fake Taxi video.  Carmel talks about going to visit a friend before lighting a cigarette in on the backseat of the taxi!


The taxi driver explains that his taxi is a no smoking taxi, but Carmel just doesn’t give a flying fuck about that.  The British taxi driver threatens to just drop her off in the field if she continue to smoke in his taxi.  He even tells that he will be fining her £60.  But Carmel doesn’t care.  She tell him that she has no money.  Confused, the taxi driver then asks how the fuck is she going to pay for her taxi fare.  Miss Anderson says that she was going to figure that out when she got to her destination.

When the taxi driver suggests that she can suck his cock rather than pay the fine of the taxi fare, he was delight to hear Carmel agree so quickly.

I really enjoyed seeing Carmel Anderson giving a blowjob wearing tight leather trousers.  Her little ass looks amazing as she bends over to suck he taxi drivers big cock.  If you enjoy POV, then you will be in for a treat when you see Carmel giving a great POV blowjob.

Carmel Anderson Fake Agent Video

Most of the Fake Agent video are shot in either Budapest or Prague.  So seeing the gorgeous Carmel Anderson in a Euro porn video was a nice surprise.  She is interview by the Fake Agent called Jim.  He asks her a variety of questions about wanting to be a model.  The best thing, for me, in this Fake Agent video is Carmel’s posh English voice.  Speaking in a posh British accent, Carmel discussed her sex life and explained that she loved the bad boys.

While she chatted about what sex positions she enjoys in bed, she noticed that the fake modelling agent had a bulge appearing in his trouser department.  She ask him whether he wanted her to help him relieve himself.  Of course, he wasn’t going to say no to that, who would?

Carmel Anderson and the Fake Agent fuck each other in the office.  Carmel’s petite body looks in fine form whole she gets fucked hard in a hardcore doggy-style position.  If you want to hear Carmel talk like a posh little British tart, then this video will be right up your street.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number Two

Miss Anderson’s 2nd Fake Taxi appearance was released on July 28th 2016.  This time she is stuck in the taxi during British Summer time, and, of course it’s pouring with rain.  She got into the taxi not realising that it has in fact parked up because it had broken down.

The taxi driver explained that he was waiting for a mobile mechanic to come and help him out. Unfortunately the mechanic was going to be at least another 45 minutes.  But with the rain still pouring down outside, Carmel decided to wait rather than get soaking wet.

To pass the time Carmel and the taxi driver discuss all kinds of things, that eventually leads to talking about sex.  The taxi driver was fascinated to find out that Carmel was quite the little slut.

Check out Carmel Anderson’s cute little ass in her tight demin shorts.  When she give the taxi driver a blowjob, she is bent double and really shows off that tiny little butt≥

Carmel Anderson Public Agent Video

Ahhh, this is a video that I had the pleasure to edit.  I had waited nearly 6 years to finally be able to edit Carmel in a Public Agent video.  This video was shot at night in main land Europe.  The public Agent had had some luck in the casino and wanted to spend it by fucking a beautiful woman.

Luckily for him, he stumbled across Carmel Anderson walking in the street on her way to a bar.  She confessed to being single and abroad for fun.  This was too good to be true.  She had no problem is accepting cash to suck on his big cock.

Watch Carmel Anderson suck on a big fat cock in POV.  I loved the way she looks deep in to the camera.  She really looks like she is looking deep down into your soul.

Of course, she doesn’t just such his dick…no. She bends over and gets a hard fat cock deep in her pussy.  The POV standing up doggy-style sequence a must see piece of porn.

This scenes ends with Carmel taking a big load of spunk over her face. The Public Agent shot his load just in time, because soon after they were disturbed by general members of the public walking passed.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number Three

This Carmel Anderson’s third appearance in the legendary Fake Taxi.  Personally, I think this is her best Fake Taxi video.  Carmel Anderson is playing fresh-faced fit blonde who got into the Fake taxi in the middle of the day asking for a ride to the local college. It being mid-summer and all, the driver was under the impression that classes had broken up for the holidays.

They had, but not for Carmel, who had been kicked out earlier in the school year for dressing inappropriately. Said her teachers called her a distraction, she did. He could see their point: her tits were practically bursting from her dress!

Since they had treated her unfairly at school, the driver asked her if she wanted to say bollocks to the college and have some fun together.  He might’ve been older than the boys she was used to, but she had a fantasy of rubbing her pussy all over a bearded older man’s face, and he wasn’t about to say no!

College girls are extra freaky, and the fake taxi driver was always available to provide a supplementary education in the form of two fingers in the ass and a cumshot on a pretty face!

Carmel Anderson Fake Cop Video Number One

I loved editing this Carmel Anderson Fake Cop video.  It had everything I could ask for.  Carmel dressed in her gym gear and getting fucked hard by a man in uniform.  The Fake Cop pulls Carmel over in her car.  He tells her that he needs to give her a full body search.  But, as you will see, she is barley wearing any clothes at all.  Her gym gear consists of just a tiny pair of shorts and a sports top.

You get to see man in uniform try his best to keep his hands out of her pants.  But eventually the temptation got too much for him.  He fingers slowly moved under her shorts and around her pussy.  This really turn Carmel on.  She knew that she could fuck this copper right there and then.

They move into the police car and Carmel suck his big cock.  This British policeman really does have a big long cock.  He uses it to it full potential when Carmel climbs on top of it and rides it using her tight wet British bald pussy.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number Four

This Carmel’s final appearance in a Fake Taxi video to date.  It was released in November 2016.  Once again she is dressed up like a young little slut, and I fucking love it.

If you think the Fake Taxi driver could drive by a blonde beauty like Carmel Anderson without slamming down on the brakes, then you’re crazy! Since he’d been driving a long time without stopping, he asked Carmel if she’d mind him taking a piss, and would you believe that slutty voyeur came around and not only did she sneak a peek at his cock, the cheeky British babe grabbed the shaft and started trying to spell her name with the stream!

Once she’d grabbed hold of him, she dropped to her knees and started sucking on his prick, pushing her lips to the base of the shaft. After deepthroating him like a champ, Carmel bent him over the door and shoved her tongue up his arsehole, showing him no proper British slut is scared of giving a rimjob!

By the time they climbed back into the cab to fuck, he was aching for a chance to pound this Carmel’s puffy pussy, taking a short break for standing 69 before he plastered her with a gooey facial!

Carmel Anderson Fake Cop Video Number Two

I was very happy to find out that I would be editing another Carmel Anderson porn video.  Again, it was for Fake Cop.  This time it was shot in Spain.  Under the hot Spanish sunshine, Carmel was caught stealing oranges from an orchard.  The British speaking policeman has caught her red handed.

Carmel tried her very best to convince the uniformed policeman that she has bought the oranges from a shop.  This copper was having none of it.  He was convinced that she had just picked them off a tree.

Luckily for Carmel, this copper was fixated by Carmel’s amazingly fit body.  He began to forget about the oranges, and start blatantly flirting with this British holiday making babe.

Carmel was more than charmed by his wit and sexy one liners.  Very soon Carmel was on her knees and sucking the policeman’s long dong.  These two British fuckers get a real sweat on as they fuck each other under the hot Spanish sunshine.

Carmel Anderson Fake Agent UK Video

I believe that this was Carmel Anderson’s first appearance in a FakeHub porn video.  Fake Agent UK was a great web site.  There was some extreme hardcore fucking on these scenes.  Carmel’s Fake Agent UK scene was no exception.

When a chick says she loves sex and would be willing to give porn a go, you know you’re in for a good time. This also meant she didn’t need much convincing to take her kit off neither. A bit of money and some exotic locations chucked in for good measure, and she was bent over naked in front of the UK Fake Agents desk touching her toes.

Perfect. When it came to getting his digits wet in her pussy he initially thought that he would have a hard time getting one finger in her pussy due to her being so petite, so when he easily shoved in three, he was shocked.

Happy, but shocked. After giving her pussy a good stretching Carmel Anderson put her tongue to good use, and got her to suck my cock and give his arsehole a good rimming. This chick lapped up everything he gave her, she was definitely a naughty girl.

Then after fucking her pussy to the hilt in a number of positions, the Fake Agent let rip into mouth, where she gulped down every last drop of cum, not spilling a single drop. He was fucking speechless. A perfect way to end a perfect interview.

Video Editing for FakeHub’s Public Agent Videos

I have been editing porn videos for FakeHub’s Public Agent brand since 2012.  I still remember picking up a passport drive with the first batch of 12 scenes on it.

Public Agent is a POV pickup style porn site.  It’s based around a guy walking around the streets trying to pick up girls to fuck.  He’s obviously succeeded many times because I have edited approximately 500 Public Agent videos.

Editing Public Agent videos is relatively straight forward.  He only uses one camera, held in a POV position.  POV generally stands for Point of View.  It means that you get to see the action as if it was seen from your eyes. i.e. when the girl is looking straight at the camera, it looks as though she is looking straight into your eyes.  This is a great effect during the blowjob sequences.

Porn Video Editing Public Agent – The Challenges

porn editing blurringOne of the biggest challenges editing the Public Agent videos is blurring any logos, brand names, car registration plates, public faces and street signs.  This is because the majority of the videos are shot outside in public places.

Premiere Pro has a great automatic tracking feature that can handle some of the blurring for me, but the majority of blurring needs to be done manually, frame-by-frame.   This can be time consuming.  But I am eternally grateful to the Public Agent for doing his very best in not showing too many objects that need blurring.

One of the other main challenges is trying to create trailers for Public Agent.  Trying to condense a 30+ minute video to less than 90 seconds can be very demanding.  But this is one of the reasons why I love porn video editing so much.  Being the editor who gets to pick out the “best bits” and knitting them together is a joyous challenge.

I have a little bit of guidance at first because I also need to create a 12 minute tube version or “preview” of each scene too.  It’s important that the 12 minute preview contains the best parts of the main scene.  I consider the tube video version to act as one long advert for the brand.  I was very proud the day that Public Agent went to number one in the .  To me, it meant that my tube cuts were appealing to porn viewers around the world.  Nearly 7 years later, the Public Agent tube videos have been viewed over 100 million times on PornHub alone.

Editing Public Agent – The Pornstars Pornstars

Over the years I have had the pleasure of editing some of my favourite pornstars in Public Agent.  I have to be honest, I usually enjoy any Public Agent video that features a British pornstar.  This is because they were a novelty up to about 2 years ago.  The early days of Public Agent featured many of Europe’s top rated pornstars.  These were mainly Czech or Hungarian pornstars.  So when I had the chance to editing a British pornstar it was like a change from the norm.

British pornstars such as Jasmine Jae, Kiki Minaj, Stella Cox, Tina Kay have all been on my Public Agent editing screen.  But I’m always really overjoyed to get any porn video to edit that features Carmel Anderson.

I don’t think it’s too much of a secret, that I am a huge Carmel Anderson fan.  I remember editing her in a Fake Cop porn video a few years ago.  She was wearing a hot two piece gym outfit.

Her body was incredible.  Her accent is pure British brilliance.  I’m sure she probably thinks I’m her Twitter stalker.  I Like and Retweet most of her posts.

Editing Public Agent – The Favourites

Anissa Kate Public Agent – 15 Million views on PornHub

So apart from the Carmel Anderson Public Agent video, I have many favourite videos that I have edited.  The always sticks in my mind.  I remember seeing her amazing natural French boobs for the first time and falling in love!

Her scene was next to a lake in a tent.  She was playing the role of a wife that sucked and fucked the Public Agent while her husband was away at the shops.  The tube version has been viewed nearly FIFTEEN MILLION TIMES to date.  This could be due to the thumbnail or the video title.  I would like to think it’s due the editing 😉

I also have fond memories of editing Ava Dalush.  She was one of the first British pornstars to star in a Public Agent porn video.  She was truly fantastic in this video.

Ava took the Public Agent’s big cock like a true pro.  Playing the part of a British business women, Ava got herself fucked hard in her empty building that she was planning on turning into a woman’s only gym.  The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl sequences are truly amazing.

To date, there are 759 Public Agent porn videos on PornHub.com alone.  I can’t say I edited every one of them, as I am now editing videos for the whole FakeHub network.  But I can guess that approximately 500 of them would of been my editing work.

Editing Public Agent – Find Me On Twitter

Even just looking through the the Public Agent scenes just now to find the Ava Dalush link, I saw other scenes that I could of easily said were my favourites.  Scenes featuring, Lucia Love, Claire Quela, Kiara Lord, Lola Taylor, plus many many more all bring back some great memories editing for Public Agent.

These days I’m editing approximately 4 Public Agent videos per month, along with Fake Taxi, Female Fake Taxi and Fake Driving School editing work.

If you would like to find out when more Public Agent porn videos are released, follow the twitter account.  You will get to see the latest trailers tweeted just before they go live on FakeHub itself.

You can also follow me on Twitter too.  My account name is .  I have nearly 30,000 followers at the moment.  I do my best to tweet something everyday to keep my follower happy.

British Pornstar Kiki Minaj creampied in the kitchen

British Pornstar Kiki Minaj creampied in the kitchen is the happy ending to Kiki’s latest appearance in a SexyHub porn video.  Released on 27th December, 2018.

Kiki Minaj is one of Britains top rated ebony pornstars.  She has appeared in some the most popular FakeTaxi video over the passed 5 years.  Her sexy British accent has her fans begging for more every time her scenes get released.

In this latest sensual porn video for SexyHub, Kiki gets her pussy filled with cum.  She is busy baking a cake in just her underwear.  She knows this will really turn Nick on on his 18th birthday.

British Pornstar Kiki Minaj Creampied in the Kitchen – The Scene

Nick Ross plays a 18 year old guy who is still a virgin.  I am presuming that Kiki is playing the role of his stepmom.  The official description doesn’t mention it, but I think the fantasy works.

Kiki loves to shake her black booty when ever she can.  so when the music plays and the time tis right, she can shake that ass like a Brazilian Samba dancer.  I think Kiki might have a bit of Brazilian in her.

Seeing Kiki Minaj shaking her booty would be enough for any 18year old guy to shot their load.  But Nick wants more.  When Kiki realises that Nick is watching her ass she decides tease him a little bit more.  She pulls her top down to expose more of her big black boobs.

Thats all the Nick can take.  He take Kiki from behind in a move that startles her.  But after one look at his erect big cock, Kiki gives him a 18th birthday present he will remember for the rest of his life.

Watch Kiki Minaj get her ebony pussy fucked in this MILF video.  The scene ends with top ebony pornstar Miss Minaj getting a pussy full of cum.

UKAPaward Winning Georgie Lyall Public Agent Video

Double UKAPaward Winning Georgie Lyall in her amazing Public Agent video.  Here is a FREE 8 minute preview of this incredible outdoor sex video.  It was called Public Agent Georgie Lyall Lost in Prague

I have the privilege of meeting Georgie Lyall at the 2018 UKAPawards evening on 5th October 2018 at Pulse in London.

Miss Lyall won the MVP and Female Performer of the Year.  We discussed this Public Agent video.  She told me that herself and Thomas Hyak really went of it during the outdoor sex.

UKAPaward-Winning-Georgie-LyallI remember being really excited to be porn editing this Public Agent video.  I have enjoyed previously editing Georgie on Fake Driving School and Fake Taxi.

One thing that still sticks in my mind is the sight of Georgie’s fabulous boobs when she pulls down her top!  Those boobs!

I would like to put it on record that Scottish pornstar Georgie Lyall looks even better looking in person as well as just on camera!

The 2018 UKAPawards were hosted by Ryan Ryder and Michelle Thorne.

Karma RX Anal in the Shower Porn Advert

This latest anal porn advert from Brazzers features Karma RX in her first ever anal sex video.  She gets fucked in the shower by her brother in law Markus Dupree.

Billed as Karma RX first anal, The Prodigal Slut Returns sees Miss RX having sex in the shower with her sisters husband.  At first Markus rips open her nylon pantyhose and fucks her pussy from behind in the shower.

As soon as the coast is clear, Markus and Karma make their way to a bedroom, when Karma RX pops her anal cherry.  Her tight virgin asshole takes a big cock for the very first time.

Her face is a picture when Markus slips his big cock in to her arse.  I don’t think  she was expecting it to be so tight, but delightful.  She must of enjoyed having a cock in her butt because she doesn’t stop.

In fact she tries as many different anal sex positions as she possibly could take.  I’m hoping Karma RX agrees to take part in many more anal sex scenes in the very near future.

Blonde French Maid Anal Sex Porn Ad

Who is the sexy blonde French maid in the latest Brazzers Porn advert?  Well it’s the hot pornstar Nikki Delano.  She gets her arse fucked hard in a French maid outfit by Alex Legend.

The actual real Brazzers porn video that this porn ad is cut from is called Maid for Anal 2. It was released on Big Wet Butts on 11th January 2019.

Nikki Delano is seen in her hands and knees cleaning the floor and getting all wet.  She pour water over her hot body to make herself look even sexier than ever.

Her sexy ass is exposed s she bends over to pick up rubbish from the floor.  Her employers Alex Legend cannot help but look at her sexy ass under her shirt french maid uniform.

Nikki Delano is a sucker for big cock, so when she noticed Me Legends rigid penis, she pulled it out of his pants and gave a world class sloppy blowjob.  With her arse all slippery from scrubbing the floors, the ass hole was ripe for a pounding.

Alex Legend fucks his french maid deep in the ass to give her extremely intense anal orgasms.  This new Brazzers porn ad will be around for along time.

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Black Pornstar Anal Creampie on the Dinner Table Porn Advert

Black Pornstar Anal Creampie on the Dinner Table Porn Advert.  The male pornstar is Xander Corvus and the female pornstar is ebony babe, Sarah Banks.

Scene Summary

The full video of this Brazzers porn advert is called Grateful for Cock.  Sarah Banks comes home for Thanksgiving only to discover her mom has tried to set her up with yet another man, Xander Corvus.

Pissed, Sarah decides to get back at her mom by putting moves on Xander. Sarah blows Xander under the table then she slips his cock in her ass in full view of her grandmother. Sarah sure gets stuffed this Thanksgiving!

Brazzers GMILF with Big Tits Porn advert

Brazzers GMILF with Big Tits Porn advert.  This porn ad for Brazzers has just been released and is seen on all major porn tube sites.

The GMILF is blonde mature woman Sally D’Angelo.  She is one the very few GMILF that have appeared in a Brazzers porn video.  She has really big tits for someone her age.

She is flirting with her daughters boyfriend as soon as she meets him.  Even her daughter can see her trying to show her tits at any given opportunity.  So when Alex Legend is asked to help her do the dishes, he found himself alone with this cock hungry GMILF.

Sally D’Angelo wasted no time in making sure that Alex knew what he was in for.  Her massive tits where almost on full view.  There was no way Alex could resist the temptation of motor-boating those bad boys.

Very soon, Sally found herself on her knees and sucking the cock of a much younger guy.  He didn’t feel bad at all.  He was enjoy a blowjob from a very experienced slutty GMILF.

This Brazzers porn advert is taken from the popular GMILF video called Can You Help My Mom.  It was released for Brazzers Exxtra on January 02, 2018.

Blonde with Blue Eyes Tied to the Bed Porn Ad

Blonde with Blue Eyes Tied to the Bed Porn Ad.  This new porn advert for MOFOS stars Khloe Kapri in an I Know That Girl video.

This MOFOS porn advert is called Sneaky Customer.

Khloe Kapri has arrived to possibly buy a bed, and she’s preening over it with her perfect ass hanging out of her skirt. This wary customer intends to test the bed out fully – Khloe often tends to break them.

Somehow. Maybe she could convince the seller to let her put it through a stress test? A really hard, vigorous, pounding, sloppy, spit-covered stress test. Wait, is Khloe even interested in the bed?