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British pornstar with massive tits Ava Knoxx stars in Brazzers Anal Encounter with a Stranger.  Danny D fucks her in the arsehole in this MILFS Like it Big porn video.

If you have ever seen a hot babe at the bar, and though that you would just like to fuck her in the arse, then watch this video. This is what happens when your luck is in.  Ava Knoxxx is desperate for a bit of cock in her ass.  She is speaking so loudly that the whole bar can hear her desire for anal sex.

Most of the guys in the bar are far to polite not to say anything, but Danny D is a guy who just doesn’t give a fuck.  He is more than happy to help Ava in her quest for butt sex.  She casually walks up behind her and positions himself perfectly for Miss Knoxxx to push herself back on to his 12 inch penis.

Ava is so desperate to be fucked in the arse, she just pulls her panties to one side and guides Danny’s trouser snaked into her throbbing anal passage.  Her friend cannot believe what is happening.  She is watching her friend getting fucked in the arse by a complete stranger.

Danny keeps pounding away in Ava’s tight brown arse hole.  The other guys at the bar are all watching and regretting not being the lucky one inside Ava’s arse right now.

In Anal Encounter With A Stranger, Ava Knoxxx is out at a bar with another married friend of hers, and confesses that she’s disappointed with how mundane her life has become. Ava also reveals her deepest desire: to be fucked in the ass by a stranger!

The suave Danny D overhears their conversation and takes it upon himself to make Ava’s fantasy a reality, approaching her from behind with his big rock hard cock and surprising her with the anal fucking of her dreams!

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