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I’m a porn video editor from UK. I am based between the historic cities of Canterbury and Dover. I have been editing XXX videos for almost ten years.

Porn Video Editor for Hire

I am available to hire as a freelance porn video editor.

I am one of the senior editors for the reality porn web site. We edit videos for the infamous porn site called . I also edit videos for Fake Driving School, Public Agent and Female Fake Taxi.

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More about XXX Video Editor

Porn Video EditingI use a 27 inch iMac computer and Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud. I also have porn video editing experience using Final Cut Pro. My very first solo girl editing job was for Sarah Peachez!

I got my first big break in the adult industry when I was contacted via Twitter by one of the largest porn producers in Europe. At the time the production crew was in Prague shooting, and

Here are three recent porn trailers I edited for


I became part of the company as a part-time porn video editor working on I quickly become a full-time member, editing for

I progressed to became a senior editor after getting Public Agent tube video channel to number one on YouPorn.

As a porn video editor for FakeTaxi, I edit a thirty minute full scene, a twelve minute tube version plus a ninety second trailer.

It is always a challenge create the ninety second trailer. Trying to fit 30 minutes of awesome porn into 90 seconds is a huge task that I really enjoy.

I work on a freelance basis. I have my very own office at home with a top, high speed fibre optic internet connection. This allows to to upload and download video content very quickly.

Check out these Tube videos that I edited for FakeHub that all have millions of views :

PublicAgent – (18.5 MILLION VIEWS)
Public Agent – (14.8 MILLION VIEWS)
Public Agent – (9.5 MILLION VIEWS)

Day in the Life of a Porn Video Editor

day-in-the-life-of-a-porn-video-editorIt’s taken a while but I’ve finally been able to publish this Day in the Life of a Porn Video Editor blog post.  I’ve been putting it off thinking that I could do this as a podcast…

This is a typical Day in the Life of a Porn Video Editor for me.  Obviously other things can pop up from time to time that can put a spanner in the works.

0600 – Wakey Wakey
My alarm goes off and the first thing I do along with millions of others, first thing in the morning and that’s check my phone for any social media messages.  I like to respond to anything on Twitter as soon as I can.  It’s only a small job so it should normally only take a few minutes to complete.

0615 – Coffee Time
I’m in the kitchen making a cup of coffee.  That first mouthful of hot coffee is what awakens my senses more than anything.  While I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, I’ll be on the BBC web site looking at the latest news headlines.

0630 – Blogging
I’m now upstairs at my desk and ready to post my blog posts of the day.  I like to post two blog posts first thing in the morning.  Creative writing gets the brain in gear and once they are done, I can look at my editing schedule for the day.

0700 – Start to Edit
I’m starting a new Fake Taxi porn video edit.  So I’m firing up Premiere Pro and importing the footage ready to start editing.  Once the footage is synchronised on my timeline I can begin to sub title the main scene.

Depending on how much dialogue there is the the scene, this can take quite a few hours, but it is very enjoyable listening and subtitling John the drivers legendary porn video one liners.

1000 – Tube Uploading
I tend to take a short break from subtitling at this stage.  One of my other daily tasks is to upload our tube videos to the major tube sites on the internet.  So I figure out which tube video needs to be uploaded and I log into PornHub, RedTube, YouPorn, XHamster, and XVideos and upload the tube video.

I continue to subtitle my Fake Taxi video.

1200 – Working Lunch
It’s lunch time.  I normally spend about 10 -15 minutes looking through whilst eating lunch.  There’s little point in taking a lunch break.  I’m more than happy to continue working whilst eating lunch.

1500 – Cut and Recut if Required
By now I should of easily finished subtitling my porn edit.  I will then go though the subtitles looking for any spelling mistakes.  Once I’m happy, I can begin to cut the video to how I think it will be best to show it to the world.  This can take a few run throughs of the whole video to make sure I’m satisfied it’s been cut properly.

1700 – Time to Blur that Face
I’ll make a start on blurring the Fake Taxi drivers face. I won’t complete this task by the end of the day.  Blurring his face and other artefacts that need blurring can take another half a day.  Not only that, but there is also exporting time and quality control viewing time to take on board.

1800 – End of the Day?
This is the time that I would tend to look to finish, but if I have nothing planned for the evening, I’m often found working onto later in the evening.  If I can do a couple more hours blurring in the evening, it will save me time during the next day.

Brooklyn Chase Hosed Up, Ho’s Down Brazzers HD

This HD porn video is Brooklyn Chase Hosed Up, Ho’s Down Brazzers. It is a HD porn video that brought you videos from Brazzers Exxxtra released on May 31st, 2019.

Brooklyn Chase soaps up her tits and ass, using her fantastic assets to wash Keiran Lee’s vehicle before she wraps her lips around his hard cock and has him fuck her wet pussy!

Why Are MILF Porn Videos So Popular?

Here’s a porn related question for you…Why Are MILF Porn Videos So Popular?  I remember being asked this question recently by a friend who loves watching porn.

Top rated MILF Brandi Love

He can’t understand why most of the top searched for pornstars and porn video feature MILF.  I think he is a teen porn niche fan.  I had to sit and think about it for a while.

As most of my regular followers and readers will know, I am a big boobs fan.  I’m not really fussed how old they are.  If they are big, round and bouncy then they’ll do for me.  BUT the more I think about my favourite pornstars with big boobs, I realise that most of them could now classify themselves as MILF.

I’m not sure what age people start to relate to pornstars as MILF.  Some would say it should be at the age of having children i.e. MOM I’d Like (to) Fuck.  But that could be as young as 18-19 which would put them in the teen niche still.

So it must really go down to how the pornstar looks.  It’s very difficult to say who is a MILF without worrying about offending them.  I’d never refer to a pornstar as MILF until I have seen them in an established MILF pornstar such as or .

Blonde MILF Kathy Anderson in SexyHub MOM video

Anyway, let’s get back to the question at hand…Why Are MILF Porn Videos So Popular?  Some might say it goes back to a maternal instinct (in men).  I have heard theories that say seeing a MILF with her tits out makes guys revert back to sucking on the tit as a very small child.  I say that is a load of bollocks to be fair.

In my opinion, MILF videos and pornstars are very popular because there is normally a small sense of female domination.  A MILF pornstar is very experienced and knows how to make men weak at the knees with just a look in the eye, a pout or some dirty talking.

That’s my opinion.  What do you think?  Are you a huge MILF porn fan?  Give me your opinion in the comments below.

Public Agent Train Track Blowjob and Fuck

XXXVideoEditor says…
Sofia Lee stars in a Public Agent porn video called Train Track Blowjob and Fuck.  First of all it goes without saying that Sofia Lee is absolutely gorgeous.  I think the standard of women appearing on Public Agent has really improved over the last 18 months or so.  That’s not to say that they weren’t good looking before that, but I think the Public Agent has raised his game in finding hot babes to fuck on the streets.

The reason why I chose to name this Public Agent video Train Track Blowjob and Fuck was because there is an amazing sequence where Sofia Lee sucks the Public Agents cock next to a train track as a train travels passed them.  That is outdoor sex gold in my opinion.

Public Agent says…
I saw Sofia Lee walking down the road, but it wasn’t her neon tank top that attracted my eye, it was her massive set of tits! I stopped Sofia, and made up some story about how I was working on a project looking for talented singers. As we got to chatting, I learned that Sofia was 23, from Ostrava, here to study, and had a boyfriend.

That’s never stopped me before, so I offered her some money to sing for me. She was shy, but I told her I would pay her to sing into my microphone, and showed her my cock! It took some more money, but soon enough, Sofia was giving me her best blowjob.

Deepthroating my cock must’ve turned her on greatly, because she agreed to let me fuck her wet pussy! I got my fill, then I came all over her big boobs and told her to say hi to her boyfriend for me.

Son Of John Fake Taxi HD

XXXVideoEditor says…

Amber Jayne looks so fucking hot dressed in black suspenders as she gets fucked by The Son of John in this new Fake Taxi HD porn video.  Released on May 5th, 2019.

I really enjoy editing FakeHub videos featuring Amber Jayne.  This scene was even more enjoyable to edit, because it’s one of the first porn video she has appeared in with her “new boobs”.

One of the hardest things to do as part of my editing duties for FakeHub it to come up with original titles for every video I edit.  I have now edited hundreds of porn video for FakeHub so it is getting harder and harder to think of original titles 3 times a week.  There is only so many times I can think of different ways to say Sexy Blonde Fucks Big Cock.

So as soon as I hard Amber Jayne say son of John, I knew I had my title there and then….thanks Amber!

Son of John says...
I was driving the car for my old man John today when Amber Jayne flagged the cab down. The hot blonde MILF was surprised I was driving, and told me how she had plans with John.

That could only mean one thing, she was a horny bugger! I offered her my dick as a consolation prize, and when I showed it to her, she asked me to come to the backseat. The blonde bird had huge tits, and sucked cock like a champ.

I was so turned on that I finger fucked her pussy until she squirted, then came all over her face! That’s when John turned up, whoops. At least he got to fuck her too!

John the Taxi Driver – Take a Bow

I could not believe how much stamina John the Fake Taxi driver has.  Not only did he managed to fuck both Azura Alii and Piggymouth in the pussy, he then took a 5 minute rest and then proceeded to fuck them both in the arse for another 40 minutes.

That’s why he is a REAL male pornstar.  Anyone with one porn scene under their belt can call themselves a pornstar these day, but it’s scenes like this that separates the men from the boys.

The infamous John the Taxi Driver has fucked hundreds of women on the backseat of his London taxi.  I have edited quite a few of them myself.  But this double header of a threesome made me realise just what it takes to be a male pornstar.

Being able to pull off a great cumshot in the first scene and then producing a second cumload 3 minutes later is a true talent.  While I was editing this FakeTaxi hardcore anal sex threesome, I had to just sit and admire his work.  Azura Alii and Piggymouth are two cock hungry women who really put John though his paces, but he had no problem in satisfying both of them with relative ease.

So next time you want to know how to become a male pornstar, ask yourself this, can you : 
Fuck two women in a tight space
Remember your camera angles
Keep your cock hard
Stop yourself from cuming to soon
…and then do it all over again 10 minutes after your first cumshot.

I tip my hat to John for producing these two hardcore Fake taxi scenes.

Extreme Taxi Threesome from Fake Taxi

This Extreme Taxi Threesome scene required a lot of stamina from the FakeTaxi driver.  Azura Alii and Piggymouth are two cock hungry bi-sexual British pornstars who really put our in-famous FakeTaxi driver though his sexual paces.

If you enjoy this extreme Fake Taxi threesome, then you will love part 2 of this video.  It’s even more extreme!!

Fake Taxi Driver says…
I saw slutty ginger Azura Alii standing on the side of the road with her friend Piggy Mouth. Azura told me she had been telling Piggy about me, and the dreadlocked slut was curious to meet the Bishop.

You know how much I love a ginger bush, and the ladies had come prepared. They took out a double headed dildo and started to deepthroat it together, then stuck it in their pussies and started fucking each other!

I jumped into the backseat as quick as I could, and they gave me a sloppy double blowjob. I fucked Azura while Piggy fucked herself, then I covered both the sluts in cum!

The Making of 100 Cumshots in 100 Seconds

During the porn shutdown of March 2019, I found myself with a few days with no porn scenes to edit, so I decided to create a video for social media called 100 Cumshots in 100 Seconds.

I knew it would be a little time consuming, but I also knew it would be a lot of fun to make.  My first task would be to download as many cumshots from the Fake Taxi channel on Pornhub as possible.  It was easy to spot which videos have great cumshots.   I would just scroll to the end of the scene to find out if the cumshot was worthy to be included.

100-cumshots-in-100-secondsI think the hardest part of creating 100 Cumshots in 100 Seconds was actually cutting the cumshot down to just one second per cumshot.  Some of the drivers cumshots last 3-4 seconds and plaster the girls face in jizz.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud to edit all 100 cumshots together.  I had to do a little manipulation with the audio to keep all the moans and groans in order and not overlapping too much.


I’m pretty sure I can do another version of this video using another 100 Fake Taxi videos.  Most of these clips where taken from Fake taxi 2015-2017 video, so there are plenty more that I can use.

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Fake Taxi Louise Lee Anal Training Sex Video

British blonde bombshell Louise Lee gets her ass full of big cock as she stars in this Fake Taxi anal porn video called Louise Lee Anal Training.

XXXVideoEditor says…
It was a real pleasure to edit this Louise Lee anal sex video.  I have now editing numerous Louise Lee porn videos and I really enjoy her spirit and enthusiasm on and off camera.

The FakeTaxi driver says…
I was a little surprised when I got the call from Louise Lee to meet up. I hadn’t heard from Louise in a while, and she told me it was because she was dating some new bloke, a driving instructor.

Louise continued by telling me she really liked him, but was nervous, because he wanted to fuck her arse, but she was an anal virgin. She had come to me for some anal training.

In Fake Taxi Louise Lee Anal Training, I’ll never turn down a pretty woman’s tight asshole, so I pulled over and stuck my cock in her mouth. She tongue-fucked my arse, so when my cock was nice and wet, I bent her over my knee and introduced her to the pleasures of backdoor lovin’!

Fake Taxi Marry Me? No Just Fuck Me

Fake Taxi Marry Me? No Just Fuck Me stars the sexy blonde pornstar Elizabeth Romanova.  She gets another fucking form the Fake Taxi driver.

I had called Elizabeth Romanova and asked her to meet me, because I had to get something off my chest. I told her it was time to hang up the keys to the cab and settle down, and she was the woman I wanted to settle down with. Elizabeth, to her credit, was entirely skeptical.

In Fake Taxi Marry Me? No Just Fuck Me, she told me within a week I’d be bored, and back in the cab trolling for pussy. To be far, she was right! To be even more fair, Elizabeth said we could still fuck whenever we liked, then showed me she wasn’t wearing panties!

She got her tits out and I ate her pussy and arse, then she sucked my cock and gave me a rimjob. When it was time for the Bishop to sing, she wanked me off into her pretty mouth!