Brazzers The Getaway Part 1 Bridgette B & Karma Rx

Bridgette B and Karma RX star in Brazzers The Getaway Part 1.  These two hot pornstars perform some amazing lesbian sex acts for Hot and Mean.

Bridgette has planned a getaway to catch up with her old college roomate, Karma RX. Unfortunately, her misbehaving stepson, Ricky, is tagging along. Ricky is a horny little rascal and Bridgette B is not going to let him ruin her vacation.

In Brazzers The Getaway Part 1, She tells Ricky to behave himself and warns him not to flirt with Karma, even though she’s a lesbian and he would have no chance with her anyway. Ricky takes this as a challenge and once he’s left alone with Karma RX, he does whatever it takes to woo her back to loving cock.

Karma’s had dick before but once she sees Ricky’s throbbing member, she’s tempted to give it another shot!

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