Fake Taxi Fans Twitter Account is Me

The Fake Taxi Fans Twitter account currently has over 93,000 followers.  I first started the Fake Taxi fans Twitter account in November 2013.  More or less around the same time the Fake Taxi porn site was launched.


However, I have found that I barely use it.  My main is the twitter account that I use on a daily basis.  I tend to use the Fake Taxi account to help advertise my tweets from my main site.

So if you are trying to find out who is behind the Fake Taxi Fans Twitter account, well it’s me,  XXX Video Editor.  I realise that I should really make more use out of it.  With over 93K followers I could use it to promote Fake Taxi videos and run a few Fake Taxi fans polls every now and then.

If you use Twitter and are not following XXX Video Editor, then feel free to start following now and then send me a tweet to say hi.  I’m online most of the day, everyday.

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