Introducing Dirty Podcast

I am delighted to announce that I am currently working on a podcast called Dirty podcast.  It is something that I have been hoping to do for a few years now.

This will be based around the video editing and the adult industry.  But be prepared for discussion and conversations to go where ever myself and colleagues take them.

Born from comical Skype conversations between adult editing colleagues of mine, I I’m hoping to be able to produce a weekly podcast.  The content will be mostly banter and light humoured, but probably still very adult in nature and 18+.

I am still yet to record a full episode, but I have plenty of ideas written down and circulating around my head to get something out there very soon.  Obviously, video editing comes first, and I envisage April to very busy for myself and FAKEhub colleagues.

But I’ve very excited by this new project.  I’ve tried many times to create YouTube channels but in a time when YouTube are very hot to banned and delete anything that gets flagged as adult in nature, I have never been able to get a channel going.

I’m hoping with a podcast, I am able to upload my content to various platforms and get a good and loyal following.


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