Is Working From Home Really Worth It?

As a freelance porn video editor I am blessed with being able to work from home.  But is working from home really worth it?

is working from home actually worth it

I have been working from home for over 7 years now.  It was struggle at first because I did not have an office space in the house.  I’m not embarrassed to admit that I actually ended up working under the stairs, just like Harry Potter.  I removed the under the stairs cupboard and made enough room for a small desk, and a chair.  It may not sound ideal, but to be honest, once I start editing, there was no real need for a big office.

I was still able to work on a 24inch iMac computer. I was actually able to use 2 iMac’s for a long length of time by mounting one on the wall.   It was the head room that was the only thing lacking.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It? Personal Blog

My full-time job before I started to work from home was in a very large open plan with approximately 15 other people.  So, I did miss the banter and seeing other faces all day.  It was very strange at first to go from a large open office environment to an ‘office’, under the stairs.


However, working from home enabled me to work to my own schedule.  As long as I was able to meet my deadlines, I could more or less choose my own hours.  BUT that does come with it’s downside.  I found myself continuously working.  If there was nothing on TV and the wife and kids were doing other things, then I found myself back on the iMac, editing more porn.

I’m trying to distinguish the difference between working from home as a self employed person or working from home for another as an employee.  I have realised by writing this person blog, that there is a difference.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It? Is it Easy?

I remember working from home as an employee of the local council.  Even though I was working from home, I found that I put myself under pressure by doing even more work.  I was so desperate to prove that working from home works for me, that I ended up working extra hours.

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As a freelance XXX video editor, I now have an office space in my own home.  No longer under the stairs, I can actually stretch my legs and not bump my head every time I got in and out of my editing chair.

I’m not sure if I could go back to working 9 to 5 in an office.  I think it would take me a while to re-adjust to the constraints of office opening hours.  Being able to be my own master, is so much more comfortable for me.  Knowing that I have to create my own working schedule satisfies me immensely.

So, the question I asked myself in this blog was is working from home actually worth it?  For me I would say 100% yes.  It is great for my family, my social life and my working life.  But you do need to have a certain amount of will-power and drive.  The temptation of just thinking “I’ll go and play on the Xbox for an hour or so” is always there.