My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down after receiving three violation strikes.  To be honest I was half expecting it.  I didn’t think that my content is what YouTube is really designed for.

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

Talking about pornography on YouTube was always going to be like walking a tight-rope.  I had to try really hard to avoid crossing the line of YouTubes terms and conditions.

But on 19th August 2018, one of my videos had been reported and reviewed and my YouTube channel got taken down.  I’m positive that there is no nudity, no nipples on show.  But there must of been something wrong with a video that was labelled by myself and ‘age-resticted’.

Even if my channel was never removed, and I gained the 4000 subscribers required to monetise the channel, I pretty sure they would not allow ads on the channel.  Even if I met all the other requirements needed to monetise the channel, it would still need to be reviewed.  It would of been at that stage when I would of been gutted to find that it would not be monetised.

So what now?  Do I set up a new channel and try even harder not to violate YouTubes rules?  Or do I just upload my porn vlogs to PornHub.  I will be able to say more or less what I want on PornHub.

I’ve uploaded all my old YouTube vlogs to my , just to see if they get any response.  I’m not expected them to be a success on PornHub.  People go to PornHub to see porn videos, not a vlogger.

Porn Video Editing Software Recommendations

Over the last 12 months or so, since my has gone through the roof, I often get asked what are my porn video editing software recommendations.

Porn Video Editing Software

I have editing porn videos since 2012, and mainly used two pieces of editing software.  Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.  Final Cut Pro is an Apple video editing package that is only available to use on an iMac or MacBook.  Premiere Pro is developed by software giants Adobe.

Find out more about XXX Video Editor

I first started video editing using Premiere.  This was in my early stages of learning how to edit.  I was using a shitty laptop and an even shittier low res monitor to cut my teeth in the world of video editing.  But, to be honest, this put me in good practice.  When I joined up with the guys at , I was given a 24 inch Mac and this made life so much easier.  So from going from a poor performance laptop to a brand new iMac was a dream.

Final Cut Pro

So Final Cut Pro…the only problem at that time was that it did not handle MP4 files.  I had to convert any MP4’s into MOV before I could start edit.  It was no big deal if I had a structure work flow.  I would simple schedule MP4 to MOV conversion to run over night, so in the morning I was ready to start editing straight away.

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

In 2017 I made the decision to start using Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.  This was a really good move.  Not only did I no longer need to convert to MP4, I felt that this piece of editing software was more stable and suited to my needs.  I much prefer using Premiere Pro as my software editing porn videos.  would be my porn video editing software recommendation.

I decided to pay for the yearly subscription (I don’t believe that Premiere Pro is available to purchase without downloading from Adobe).  You are also able to pay a monthly subscription too.  One good point to mention here is that, because you are now subscribe a a Adobe customer, you automatically receive any updates, fixes and bug report from Adobe.  So you are always sure to have the latest version available.

If you are looking for free porn videos editing software, then my advise would be not to bother.  If you are interested in creating quality porn videos, than you need to invest in quality editing software.  Free video editing software are free for a reason.

You can find out more about my porn editing career by visiting my

Catalia Valentine does Fake Taxi HD Video 2018

What did the Fake taxi driver say about his sexy encounter with the hot British pornstar Catalia Valentine?

When I saw that slut Catalia Valentine hailing the cab this afternoon, my dick started to tingle. She said she was headed to Big Dickins, and while she meant to say Deakins, she wasn’t actually that far off from the truth.

Catalia didn’t recognize me from six months prior because I had shaved my beard, but after I told her she looked familiar, she remembered my tongue deep in her pussy. I convinced her it would be more fun to fuck me than to get her hair done at Big Deakins, and the minute I came to the backseat she grabbed my cock.

Catalia wasted no time and started giving me a blowjob and my cock all over her big tits. I ate her out and made her cum with my fingers, then fucked her tight pussy hard all over the taxi. Finally, while fucking her doggystyle out the side of the door, I dropped a huge creampie inside of her. She’s probably still dripping it out to this day!

XXXVideoEditor Hot MILF of the Internet

Here is my forth episode on my .  In this latest episode I show a montage of hot milf on the internet.

MILF is one of the top keyword search when it come to porn on the internet, so I thought I would exploit that statistic to generate more YouTube subscribers.

I also do a short vlog introduction in my car, with my wife. Make sure you watch all the way to the end to see my wife’s great big boobs.

Brazzers Sexy Doctor Adventures Sahara Knite & Danny D

After video editing Sahara nite in a brilliantly funny FakeTaxi video, I was delighted to see that she is now also appearing in this new Brazzers video called Sexy Doctor Adventures

Dr. Sahara Knite has been having a hidden love affair for weeks with her co-worker, Danny D. But with his wife still in the picture, Sahara is giving him an ultimatum, and he’s giving her his dick!

Right there in the the emergency room, with their patient a foot away, Sahara drops to her knees and deepthroats that big dick she’s come to love. Ditching her lab coat to reveal a perky little set of tits, Sahara stretches her tight ass wide so that her wet pussy can swallow up every inch of cock he can give her!

This woman needs 50CC’s of cum stat and after pumping her for as long as he can stand to, Dr. Danny glazes this Harvard educated slut in a warm load!

How I Made $1000’s by Advertising Porn Videos

OK, let’s me make it clear from the start, I am not making this money anymore. I just want to make that clear. Just in case you think this will be a Get Rich Quick guide.

How I made 1000s Advertising Porn Videos

In 2014, I started my XXXVideoEditor blog. I had bought the domain name a few years before, but I had never really used it. I was working hard for FakeHub, editing videos on the Public Agent, Fake Taxi and Fake Cop brand.

However, I soon decided that I might as well start posting blog articles. I don’t really have a lot to say and I find writing long blog articles about porn very difficult. So I decided to look at videos from Brazzers, DigitalPlayground, MOFOS and RealityKings. I noticed that they have great scene descriptions that would be perfect to add to my blog.

I simply copied and pasted their scene descriptions along with a screenshot of the scene straight onto my blog. After a few months, I found that my blog was getting ranked on Google. Some articles were getting rated on the top ten keyword search terms that people were looking for.

My theory was that people found the trailer and then went searching for the full video. But my blog would never have the full video, of course. Instead my porn post would just have a Click here for Full Video link that would take them to the main page of Brazzers, RealityKings, DigitalPlayground or Mofos.

This generated some commission for me. Every time somebody signed up to that particular porn site, I would receive commission by using my affiliation code. I was very happy to generate one or two sales per day if I was lucky. It was like a beer money fund for me.

However, my big break-through came when Brazzers started to create porn adverts for Porn Hub, YouPorn, RedTube etc. The would have a square HTML 5 video that would play along side a tube video on these major porn tube sites. Each video would have a tagline on it. So when Brazzers launched a porn advert called “Don’t Cum or I’ll Scream for my Husband”, people where then marching on google for that video.

This Kiki Minaj video was re-tagged as “Don’t Cum or I’ll Scream for my Husband”, and used as HTML 5 porn ad videos.

If you can imagine the amount of traffic that these popular porn tube sites get, and then think of how many people see that porn advert. What I decided to do was instead of creating posts using the original scene name, I would look for these tag-lined porn ads and create porn blogs with those as a title.

So when I created a blog post called ‘Don’t Cum or I’ll Scream for my Husband”, I went straight to the top of google because hardly anyone else was doing this. My web site traffic went from less that 1000 hits per day to nearly 40,000 per day. Once I had 4 or 5 blog posts within the top three of google, I was generating 5 -10 sales per day. This was $25 – $30 per sign up.

Other videos that made great sales

Things went crazy for me when DigitalPlayground release their Captain America XXX porn parody. I was top of google for anyone searching for Captain America porn. That is when the sales went through the roof and at one stage I was earning $5000 per month.

BUT all good things must come to an end. I’m not sure what suddenly I started slipping down the google ranking at a fair rate of knots. I have found that it could of been a number of reasons.

1. A new google algorithm penalties any site with sign up codes.
2. Other web sites with greater domain authority start copying my methods.
3. A Russian hacker had cloned my site (yes this actually happened)

So my days of earning $1000 in porn commission dried up just as fast as it started. I was, however able to use the money to save up for a deposit on a new house and buy a new car. So all those affiliate webmaster banners with the big dollar signs and fast cars and big houses, were actually not just a pipe dream.

Sahara Knite Takes a Piss Before Fucking Taxi Driver

Editing this Fake Taxi video featuring Sahara Knite was pure enjoyment from start to finish.  Her funny one liners and sexy body in tight fitting gym gear, made this British Fake Taxi video a blast to edit.

Sahara Knite FakeTaxi 2018

Sahara Knite jumps on to the back of John’s cab after her workout.  She complains to him that her fitness instructor didn’t really push her hard enough.  She explains that she could go another 30 minutes at least.

She over hears the taxi driver muttering that she could go 30 minutes on his cock if he liked.  When she confronted him about that comment, he was very happy to hear that she was more than happy to get a full cock workout in the back of his London cab.

Before Sahara Knite could start sucking the drivers big white cock, she had to take a piss.  She had no choice but to squat down next the the taxi and piss on the floor.  She actually liked the fact that the horny taxi driver watch her piss all over the floor.  She though she was never going to stop.  All the water that she had drank in the gym just flooded out of her.

I think the line “I like hairy armpits, hairy pussy and hairy arseholes”, will go down in FakeTaxi history.

Wet Pussy Games

I thought I would put together a blog post about wet pussy.  As I was writing this blog I got thinking about who would I like to see if there was a wet pussy games ever invented.  Just like in the Olympics there would be different events and pornstars from around the world would compete to show off there wet pussy skills.

The Wet Pussy Games
The Wet Pussy Games

Obviously a squirting discipline would be needed.  I think a squirting wet pussy game would have to judge on who can squirt the furthest or who can squirt to the most juice by metric volume.

Check out these contenders for the squirting wet pussy games favourites :

Dillion Harper in

Eva Angelina in

I would also like to see a eating wet pussy champion too.  Which pornstar is able to eat the most pussy in an allotted time.  I think 5 minutes would be the time limited.  Each wet pussy licking contestant would eat as much pussy in 5 minutes and see how often they needed to come up for air.

My wet pussy eating contenders would be from the following :

Tory Lane, Bonnie Rotten from

Diamond Jackson, Jasmine Webb from

I’m sure there would be plenty of other wet pussy games that world famous pornstar could compete in. Let’s hope that someone from the major porn producing companies is reading this 2018 porn blog post.

Editing Georgie Lyall in her Public Agent Video

Yes, editing Georgie Lyall video is such a chore…NOT!  I’ve edited Georgie Lyall in Fake Driving School and Fake Taxi videos, so I was very happy to hear that I would also be editing her in a Public Agent video.

Georgie Lyall appearing in Public Agent

Here’s the Georgie Lyall Lost in Prague Official Scene Description

I was walking when I came across Georgie Lyall wearing a pretty dress with flowers on it. Georgie was in Prague on holiday, and had taken a wrong turn and gotten lost. She was meant to be at the center, but she had ended up on the edge of the city.

She asked me if I had some change so she could take the bus, but I only had big bills, so I told her I would pay her 200 euro to show me her big Scottish tits. That was easy for a gal like Georgie, so for 600 more, I asked her if she would suck my dick!

We walked into the woods and Georgie showed me her big tits and ass again and my dick got hard, then she gave me a sloppy blowjob. I fucked Georgie doggystyle up against a street then on the ground, and when I was ready to cum she squeezed her big boobs together to catch all my cum!

Men Look at My Wife’s Big Tits in the Supermarket

I have the good fortune of having a great wife with a great pair of tits. Whenever we go out anywhere, her boobs are out on show whether I like it or not. Even in winter time, she struggles to find a winter coat that ties those big juggs down.

So I have to expect that, due to biology and human nature, that other guys are going to notice her breasts and have a crafty look at them, hoping that I don’t notice. However, 9 out of 10 times I do actually catch guys looking at her impressive cleavage. To be honest, it doesn’t make me angry at all. I can hardly blame them.

The game I like to play, especially around supermarkets, is to watch guys walking towards us. Then just as they look at my wife boobs, they see me looking them straight in the eye. I then enjoy the different reactions I get.

The normal reaction from other guys is for them to just look away and pretend they didn’t look at her tits. But the best reaction for me is when they know they have got caught looking and they give me the look of shame. Instead of me getting angry with them, I simply give them a wink and we exchange an approving nod.

Check out these videos of sexy wives with big tits.

Now I have told my wife about this little game I play, and she is adamant that she never notices men looking at her tits. The only time that it becomes obvious is when she is out in the nightclubs and drunk guys just tell her that she has great tits.

You can see my wife’s big tits wobble and bounce over at my YouTube channel.  Here are .

So if you have a wife or girlfriend with big tits, you just have to accept the fact that men are going to be looking at them whether you like it or not.