Porn Edited by XXX Video Editor in December 2018

Porn Edited by XXX Video Editor in December 2018. Here are all the porn videos that went live in December 2018 that I edited for FakeHub Network.

Azura Alii – Fake Taxi

Sahara Knite – Public Agent

Nana Garnet – Public Agent

Elizabeth Romanova – Fake Taxi

Nicole Pearl – Public Agent

Lola Fae – Public Agent

Mia Marin – Fake Taxi

Georgie Lyall – Fake Driving School

Sarah Sultry – Fake Driving School

This will be a new feature on my porn blog.  I will make a list of all the porn videos that I have edited at the end of each month.

British Pornstar Kiki Minaj Creampied in the Kitchen

British Pornstar Kiki Minaj creampied in the kitchen is the happy ending to Kiki’s latest appearance in a SexyHub porn video.  Released on 27th December, 2018.

Kiki Minaj is one of Britains top rated ebony pornstars.  She has appeared in some the most popular FakeTaxi video over the passed 5 years.  Her sexy British accent has her fans begging for more every time her scenes get released.

In this latest sensual porn video for SexyHub, Kiki gets her pussy filled with cum.  She is busy baking a cake in just her underwear.  She knows this will really turn Nick on on his 18th birthday.

British Pornstar Kiki Minaj Creampied in the Kitchen – The Scene

Nick Ross plays a 18 year old guy who is still a virgin.  I am presuming that Kiki is playing the role of his stepmom.  The official description doesn’t mention it, but I think the fantasy works.

Kiki loves to shake her black booty when ever she can.  so when the music plays and the time tis right, she can shake that ass like a Brazilian Samba dancer.  I think Kiki might have a bit of Brazilian in her.

Seeing Kiki Minaj shaking her booty would be enough for any 18year old guy to shot their load.  But Nick wants more.  When Kiki realises that Nick is watching her ass she decides tease him a little bit more.  She pulls her top down to expose more of her big black boobs.

Thats all the Nick can take.  He take Kiki from behind in a move that startles her.  But after one look at his erect big cock, Kiki gives him a 18th birthday present he will remember for the rest of his life.

Watch Kiki Minaj get her ebony pussy fucked in this MILF video.  The scene ends with top ebony pornstar Miss Minaj getting a pussy full of cum.

Sophie Anderson Public Agent Outdoor Sex HD Video

Sophie Anderson Public Agent outdoor sex HD video called Teasing Dirty Talking Busty Blonde. Released by FakeHub on December 25th 2018, Xmas Day porn!

Sophie Anderson and her gigantic boobs finally make their first appearance on a Public Agent outdoors sex video. I have been waiting patiently for Sophie to star in a PublicAgent video.

Sadly, I was not scheduled to edit this video so one of my lucky FakeHub colleagues had the pleasure in editing it.

This busty British blonde with huge fake tits not only sucks and fucks for cash. She also takes pleasure in making herself squirt for the camera.  She gushes all over the floor as the Public Agent takes pleasure in recording the moment on camera.

Sophie Anderson Public Agent 2018.

Public Agent was walking along and saw Sophie Anderson.  While he wanted to be a gentleman, her boobs were so big he couldn’t help but stare.

Sophie told him she was stuck in Prague because her friend had stolen her purse! All she had left were her bag and passport, but no money to get home. Public Agent was going to offer her money to show her boobs, but to his surprise, she just freely took them out!

She was very naughty and made him very horny by teasing him with his ass and pussy, and then taking his money and shoving it in her panties.

For 400 euro, she agreed to look at his dick, and when she saw him hard, she gave Public Agent a blowjob. He fucked this dirty talking blonde doggystyle, then came on her tongue as she begged for sperm!

Shower her with Stockings Abella Danger HD

Shower her with Stockings starring Abella Danger.  Brazzers have produced this HD porn video from Brazzers Exxtra and releasing it on December 28th, 2018.

Abella Danger stars with Tyler Nixon is this sex video set in the shower.  There have been plenty of shower sex videos released later. I wonder if the stats guys at Brazzers have seen a spike in sign ups after releasing porn video set in the showers.

I don’t know why Abella Danger decides to get into her shower wearing her stockings and lingerie.  I think that Tyler Nixon must have severe fetish for wet lingerie or something.  It’s not something I’ve heard of before.

But, saying that.  Miss Danger does look very very sexy as she gets herself all soaped up.  Her sexy body has appeared naked on Brazzers 37 times.  She is famous for her outstanding booty.  The majority of her Brazzers videos are anal sex.  Everyone wants to get a piece of Abella’s ass.

Brazzers and Reality Kings have really made to most of Miss Dangers think round booty, and we thank them for it.

Tyler Nixon eventually joins Abella in the shower.  She is more than happy to find his sexy girlfriend in the shower still wearing her sexy lingerie.  She really knows how to please her BF.

If you have been enjoying the recent porn blog entries featuring shower sex videos, then you are in for a treat.  Abella Danger and Tyler Nixon fuck hard in Shower her with Stockings.  It’s a fine example for how to fuck in the shower whilst still wearing stockings and lingerie.

Elizabeth Romanov Fake Taxi HD Video

Elizabeth Romanov Fake Taxi HD Video.  This sexy Polish blonde pornstar gets fucked in the British Fake Taxi. It was released on December 19th, 2018.

I was very lucky to edit this Elizabeth Romanov Fake Taxi porn video.  When I opened up the content for the first time, I was really happy to see such a sexy blonde.

The first thing I did was to send a screen shot of Elizabeth Romanov sitting in the back of the cab to my porn editing colleagues.  They all agreed that she was a hottie!

Here’s the Elizabeth Romanov Fake Taxi Description written by FakeHub

I picked up this bloody gorgeous blonde named Elizabeth Romanov. She told me she was headed to Canary Wharf to work. Elizabeth told me she worked as an escort.  Miss Romanov was so sexy that I just had to ask how much it would cost to suck those big tits and taste her pretty pussy.

She told me 300, which must have been fate, because that was the exact amount I had in my wallet. As I found us a private spot, she took off her panties and played with her pussy for me through her crotchless tights.

You know how they say if you do something well you should never do it for free? That was how well Elizabeth gave me a blowjob and a rimjob, and how hot it was when she wanked me to a cumshot off over her pretty blonde face!

THE REAL Nelly Kent Public Agent Video

THE REAL Nelly Kent Public Agent Video – Hot Romanian beauty fucked for cash starring the Romanian pornstar.  This is the first time that Nelly Kent has appeared in a Public Agent porn video.

Scene description written by .
Scene video edited by XXXVideoEditor.

“I was lucky enough to see a fine brunette smokeshow named Nelly Kent walking around in Prague. Nelly was on vacation and had some time to kill. She was wearing a little, white dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I could see the curves of her huge tits, and from behind, the shape of one banging booty! I told her I had a friend who had a modeling agency and offered her some money for underwear photos.

Nelly couldn’t do it: she wasn’t wearing underwear! I still had her strip for me, and then for 10000 crowns, she agreed to suck my dick. We fucked in public, and then I came all over her massive tits!” is STEALING my Content is Stealing my Content.  This URL is scrapping my web site and duplicating it on there own site.  GOTO XXXVIDEOEDITOR.COM to find the REAL content. is a thief

I cannot begin to explain how frustrating this is.  I get up at 5am every morning to write my daily blogs.  I try to write 200 words per video along with the official Brazzers/RealityKings descriptions.

All is doing is stealing the content, using scrapper software.  I wonder if the webmaster even knows how frustrating this is for me.  I am relying on the sign up I get from Brazzers, RealityKings, FakeHub, DigitalPlayground to make a living.

This has caused my web traffic to tumble dramatically.  Losing the extra revenue from affiliate sign ups is a huge blow to my finances.

I have been trying to figure out which IP addresses they are using and bloke them.  It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

My First Porn Video Watched Online

I remember my first porn video that I watched online.  It was a Brazzers video starring Kagney Linn Karter.   Of course I’m old enough to remember waiting a few minutes to see a poor quality .jpg to load up of a pair of tits.  But I will always the holy grail of being able to watch a full length porn video.

I remember seeing the thumbnails of this Brazzers video called Food Fight. It was a Big Tits at School video.  The thumbnails of Kagney Linn Karter’s big tits in her bra and panties immediately grabbed my attention.  I watch the trailer.  I don’t think it was a HTML 5 trailer.  If my memory serves me correctly, I have a funny feeling that it was a Flash trailer.

The trailer had done a great job on my.  I fell in love with Miss Karter.  I clicked through to the Brazzers membership page and used my credit card online for the very first time.  opened my eyes to the sheer vast amount of pornstars that I love.  So many amazing women under one porn site.

I’ve realised that this post has turned into one big advert for Brazzers, but it is not my intention.  I just wanted to share with you my first experience watching a porn video.  I found it so much easier and rewarding to actually pay for porn instead of hunting for free stuff.

Knowing that I could have some of the best porn at my fingertips every day felt special.  No more worrying about getting a virus from downloading .zip files from dodgy web sites.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It?

As a freelance porn video editor I am blessed with being able to work from home.  But is working from home really worth it?

is working from home actually worth it

I have been working from home for over 7 years now.  It was struggle at first because I did not have an office space in the house.  I’m not embarrassed to admit that I actually ended up working under the stairs, just like Harry Potter.  I removed the under the stairs cupboard and made enough room for a small desk, and a chair.  It may not sound ideal, but to be honest, once I start editing, there was no real need for a big office.

I was still able to work on a 24inch iMac computer. I was actually able to use 2 iMac’s for a long length of time by mounting one on the wall.   It was the head room that was the only thing lacking.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It? Personal Blog

My full-time job before I started to work from home was in a very large open plan with approximately 15 other people.  So, I did miss the banter and seeing other faces all day.  It was very strange at first to go from a large open office environment to an ‘office’, under the stairs.

However, working from home enabled me to work to my own schedule.  As long as I was able to meet my deadlines, I could more or less choose my own hours.  BUT that does come with it’s downside.  I found myself continuously working.  If there was nothing on TV and the wife and kids were doing other things, then I found myself back on the iMac, editing more porn.

I’m trying to distinguish the difference between working from home as a self employed person or working from home for another as an employee.  I have realised by writing this person blog, that there is a difference.

Is Working From Home Really Worth It? Is it Easy?

I remember working from home as an employee of the local council.  Even though I was working from home, I found that I put myself under pressure by doing even more work.  I was so desperate to prove that working from home works for me, that I ended up working extra hours.

As a freelance XXX video editor, I now have an office space in my own home.  No longer under the stairs, I can actually stretch my legs and not bump my head every time I got in and out of my editing chair.

I’m not sure if I could go back to working 9 to 5 in an office.  I think it would take me a while to re-adjust to the constraints of office opening hours.  Being able to be my own master, is so much more comfortable for me.  Knowing that I have to create my own working schedule satisfies me immensely.

So, the question I asked myself in this blog was is working from home actually worth it?  For me I would say 100% yes.  It is great for my family, my social life and my working life.  But you do need to have a certain amount of will-power and drive.  The temptation of just thinking “I’ll go and play on the Xbox for an hour or so” is always there.

How To Become a Porn Video Editor

I have now lost count how many times I have been asked how to become a porn video editor.  Whether it’s via email, Twitter or Instagram message, I never get tired of answering any porn editing related questions.

how to become a porn video editor

But after getting an email on 29th November, 2018, I thought I would be better off creating a blog post about getting involved in porn editing.  This would save me time.  Instead of writing the same thing over and over, I can simply direct people to this blog and let them read all about it.

My short guide to How to Become a Porn Video Editor

First of all, I would highly recommend investing in a powerful computer and industry standard editing software.  I would guess that anybody sending you footage to edit will be filming on 4K. So trying to edit on an old P.C/laptop using Window Movie Maker will be a struggle.

But, having said that, if you have never edited before, then by all means experiment and learn the basics of video editing using your own content of free editing software.

Get yourself a showreel.  Once you are confident that you are an editor, you need to show people what you are capable of doing.  Being able to provide a link to a potential paying client is a must.

The slight problem is that if you are including porn in your showreel, you are not going to be able to use YouTube.  So you may want to set up an account with a popular porn tube site to host your video.  BUT, there’s always a but…if you have used copyright video in tour showreel, it might get deleted from a tube site.

How to Become a Porn Video Editor Using Social Media

So, you’ve got a showreel, you think you can edit, now you need some clients.  My journey into becoming a porn video editor started by creating a Twitter account that made it who I was.  has nearly 30,000 followers.  I think it was the best thing I could of done when I first started.

I used my Twitter account to look for FREE EDITING WORK.  Getting as much porn editing experience as possible was very important to me.  It also helped  to create a network of potential clients for the future.

One of my first non-paying customers was Sarah Peachez.  At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me.  I could not believe I was editing videos for a well established solo girl pornstar at this early stage in my career.  I will always be grateful to Miss Peachez for taking a leap of faith on me.

After 3/4 months of editing for free, I was contacted by one of the most influential guys in the porn industry.  His new porn production company were looking for porn video editors.

My biggest piece of luck, was that their office was actually in the same city that I lived in.  A complete fluke.  I worked part-time for approximately 6 months whilst still in full time employment on my “normal job”.  Then, when the time was right I became a full time porn video editor with the guys now known as

If you have any other questions about How to Become a Porn Video Editor, feel free to tweet me