Fake Taxi Anal Sex with Alice Judge 2019

Fake Taxi Backseat anal fuck and big facial

It had been a while since Alice Judge came for a ride in the Fake Taxi, and she was dressed quite smart, wasn’t she? Alice was doing pretty well monetarily, and told me she had decided to treat herself to a day of pampering at the spa.

I was jealous, because I had not been pampered in weeks. Lucky for me, Alice, the saint, decided she wanted to pamper me with her big tits! Alice wrapped her big lips around my cock and it felt amazing, then I fingered her pussy. After warming up her arse with my fingers, we had a spot of anal sex, then she wanked me off to a huge facial!

Fake Taxi Luna Rival Gets Her Hairy Pussy Covered in Cum

Hairy French tight pussy penetrated
Luna Rival got into the cab today, and asked me to take her to to Buckingham Palace. Luna was from France and visiting London, and it was her first time in a London taxi. I offered her a chance at my fun little tradition: flash your tits, gets a free ride!

Luna had amazing tits, and they turned me on so much I offered her 500 euro to have sex with me. Luna liked money, but she clearly liked to suck dick a lot more, because she gave me one of the best blowjob I’ve ever had. While she blew me, I played with her arse, and then got to fuck her hairy pussy hard!

Fake Taxi Angel Cruz February 2019

Fake Taxi MILF swaps shops for cock
The Fake Taxi driver loves a mature woman, and Angel Cruz was one beautiful specimen of a MILF. Blonde, well dressed, and elegant, Angel was headed to do some shopping. He complimented her dress, and guessed she might be wearing stockings underneath.

To his surprise, Angel spread her legs, and he couldn’t help taking a look. All this talk of stockings turned the tattooed MILF on, and she asked the fake taxi driver to take her to a sex shop instead of a department store. John offered the Bishop as an alternative, and she was quickly sucking his cock. After he got his fill of her tits and arse, he came all over her pussy!

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Porn Videos Edited by XXX Video Editor January 2019

Here’s a list of porn video edited by me, XXX Video Editor in January 2019.  I used Premiere Pro Creative Cloud on a 24inch iMac to edit these FakeHub videos.

Public Agent Lola Fae fucked by Euro guy
Release Date – 1st January 2019.
Scene Description – I saw lovely Lola Fae sitting on a bench in the park, so I walked over and asked if she would mind if I joined her. She was polite and friendly, and we got to chatting. Lola came from Florida, and was visiting Prague on vacation.

I asked her if she would be interested in earning some money while she was here for a quick casting. Lola liked the idea, so we headed for a more private location. She had hearts tattooed on her tits, it was very nice. She let me play with her pussy and ass before giving me a blowjob, then I fucked her hard and came on her pussy! –

Fake Taxi Mexican get cum on glasses
Release Date – 2nd January 2019
Scene Description – One gorgeous Mexican minx got into the Fake Taxi today. She only had euro on her, which I could not accept, so she asked me if sucking my cock might be better payment.

Blowjobs are certainly a currency I will accept, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love Latinas! I found us a quiet spot to pull over while she showed me her tits and arse, then I headed to the backseat where she gave me an enthusiastic blowjob! I fucked her pussy and she gave me a footjob, then I glazed her face with a facial. –

Public Agent Kiki Minaj Fucked Outside
Release Date – 8th January 2019
Scene Description – I saw Kiki Minaj standing by the side of the road, and though she was wearing a winter coat, she looked very cold! Kiki was from England, but visiting Prague for a dance festival.

Since she was a dancer, I offered her 100 euro to dance for me. We ducked behind the bushes and she hiked up her skirt, then Kiki twerked her big ass for me. I offered her 100 more to show me her boobs, but it wasn’t enough. I ended up paying almost 100 euro to her, and offering to drive her into down, but it was worth it. The British babe gave me a fantastic blowjob, then let me fuck her warm pussy. The ebony stunner then licked the top of my cock as I came in her mouth!  –

Fake Taxi Lick my pussy & fuck my arse
Release Date – 13th January 2019
Scene Summary – I was having a pretty bad day, but green-haired slut Phoenix Medina showed up and cheered me up quickly! I had just been forced to replace the suspension, and was out 700 quid, but Phoenix knew just how to cheer an old pervert like me up: she spread her legs and showed me her bald pussy.

Since she seemed uninhibited, I asked her if I could join her in the backseat for some fun, and Phoenix consented enthusiastically. She even said if I ate her pussy well, I could fuck her arse! Now I love eating pussy, and I love big, tattooed tits, and I especially love fucking green-haired sluts in the ass, then covering their faces with cum! –

Public Agent Pantyless and fucked hard
Released Date – 22nd January, 2019
Scene Description – I saw Adele Unicorn waiting for a friend, and at first she didn’t want to chat, but she was also lonely. Her friend was stuck in a traffic jam, so we got to talking. Talking led to flirting, and I thought I would ask her if she wished to have some fun.

When I asked to see her ass in her underwear and she told me she was not wearing any, I knew we would fuck. Adele gave me a blowjob that felt amazing, and I enjoyed playing with her tits. She wanted to swallow quickly, but I wanted to fuck her more. Eventually, I gave her what she wanted, and came on her pierced tongue. – SEE THE FULL TRAILER

Fake Taxi Karma Synn Pounds or Pussy
Release Date – 23rd January, 2019
Scene Description – After having a woman offer euros instead of pounds earlier this week, of course Karma Synn asked to pay with Canadian dollars. Obviously I couldn’t accept Canadian dollars, so I re-iterated my policy to Karma: pussy or pounds, no exceptions!

Karma liked the idea of paying with pussy, and spread her legs for me. I hopped into the backseat and ate her pussy, then she sat her big arse down on my tongue. After a sloppy blowjob, Karma bounced that arse up and down on my cock until I covered her big tits and face in cum

Public Agent Spanish bald pussy fucked
Release Date – 29th January, 2019
Scene Description – I saw Alma Del Rey’s curly hair blowing in the wind by the train station, and it attracted me right away. Alma was in Prague on vacation, and was just riding trains to different cities to visit.

Since she was travelling alone, I asked Alma if she wanted to earn some money. I offered Alma 100 euro to show me her boobs, and though that was not enough, 200 did the trick. After she showed me her tits and ass, I offered Alma more money to fuck, and when she saw my dick, she put it right in her mouth! After a good blowjob, I fucked Alma’s pink pussy, then came on her face! – See the Trailer

Fake Taxi The Good Wife Fantasy
Release Date – 30th January, 2019
Scene Description – Alexxa Vice was on her way home from the farmer’s market when I picked her up for a ride. Alexxa had a proper big marrow with her, totally organic, but while she talked about making it for dinner, I couldn’t think of anything other than shoving it into her tight pussy!

I started getting horny, so I complimented her. Alexxa saw right through me, that I wanted my cock sucked, but lucky for me, she was horny too. I came into the back seat, and she got her tits out while she sucked my cock, then I fucked her pussy and arse until she came on my cock! When I was ready to pop, I fucked her doggystyle out the side of the car, then she spread her cheeks so I could cum deep in her arsehole. WATCH THE TRAILER

Female Fake Taxi The Spaniard fucks the blonde
Release Date – 25th January, 2019
Scene Summary – Emilio couldn’t speak much English other than to ask me to take him to the airport. He was arguing a lot on the phone, so I tried to figure out what was wrong. He managed to mime out that his girlfriend was crazy.

Since he didn’t have to rush anymore and he was hot, I pulled out my big tits and flashed him. He was shy at first, but soon he was playing with my ass as I sucked his dick! He fucked my pussy hard doggystyle and cowgirl, then came all over my big boobs.

Fake Driving School Polish pussy gets slammed
Release Date – 14th January, 2019
Scene Summary – I pride myself on my professionalism, and how I never let my personal life and professional intertwine, but I just could not concentrate sitting next to the Polish beauty Elizabeth Romanova.

Elizabeth was blonde, and wearing a low cut shirt. I was so awestruck by her beauty that I forgot to tell her to put on her seat belt before taking off. When we got her into the driver’s seat, Elizabeth was a natural! I brought her back to the testing center to do some advanced driving, and honestly, I was so distracted by her beauty during the lesson that I offered her another lesson for free.

Elizabeth told me she was flattered by my attraction, and that she could help me relax for our next lesson. She reached over and kissed me, then I sucked those big tits. Elizabeth gave me a sloppy blowjob, and we fucked all over the Mean Orange Machine!

Fake Driving School Louise Lee rides Ryan
Release Date – 28th January 2019
Scene Summary – Louise Lee had done a few driving lessons with another company, but after breaking up with her ex, decided to finish her schooling at Fake Driving School.

Louise had progressed quite a bit over the past few lessons we shared, and I thought she was ready to take her test. Oddly, when we returned to the testing center after the lesson, Louise kept telling me she wanted to thank me. I guess by thank me, she meant suck my cock! Louise had the best tits, and her pussy tasted delicious. I fucked Louise all over the Mean Orange Machine, and then gave my student a facial. –

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Carmel Anderson – One of my All Time Favourite Pornstars

As you may of already realised, I am a huge fan of British pornstar Carmel Anderson.  She is definitely one of my all time favourite pornstars.  I have had the pleasure of editing Miss Anderson in three FakeHub porn video over the passed seven years. 

Let’s have a look at all nine FakeHub videos that petite British pornstar Carmel Anderson has appeared in.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number One

Carmel’s very first appearance in the now legendary Fake Taxi came in February 2016.  She is wearing a fluffy pink top and a pair of tight leather looking trousers.  The petite beauty is picked up from the side of the road and asks to be taken to Sheffield.  This is a 22 minute Fake Taxi video.  Carmel talks about going to visit a friend before lighting a cigarette in on the backseat of the taxi!


The taxi driver explains that his taxi is a no smoking taxi, but Carmel just doesn’t give a flying fuck about that.  The British taxi driver threatens to just drop her off in the field if she continue to smoke in his taxi.  He even tells that he will be fining her £60.  But Carmel doesn’t care.  She tell him that she has no money.  Confused, the taxi driver then asks how the fuck is she going to pay for her taxi fare.  Miss Anderson says that she was going to figure that out when she got to her destination.

When the taxi driver suggests that she can suck his cock rather than pay the fine of the taxi fare, he was delight to hear Carmel agree so quickly.

I really enjoyed seeing Carmel Anderson giving a blowjob wearing tight leather trousers.  Her little ass looks amazing as she bends over to suck he taxi drivers big cock.  If you enjoy POV, then you will be in for a treat when you see Carmel giving a great POV blowjob.

Carmel Anderson Fake Agent Video

Most of the Fake Agent video are shot in either Budapest or Prague.  So seeing the gorgeous Carmel Anderson in a Euro porn video was a nice surprise.  She is interview by the Fake Agent called Jim.  He asks her a variety of questions about wanting to be a model.  The best thing, for me, in this Fake Agent video is Carmel’s posh English voice.  Speaking in a posh British accent, Carmel discussed her sex life and explained that she loved the bad boys.

While she chatted about what sex positions she enjoys in bed, she noticed that the fake modelling agent had a bulge appearing in his trouser department.  She ask him whether he wanted her to help him relieve himself.  Of course, he wasn’t going to say no to that, who would?

Carmel Anderson and the Fake Agent fuck each other in the office.  Carmel’s petite body looks in fine form whole she gets fucked hard in a hardcore doggy-style position.  If you want to hear Carmel talk like a posh little British tart, then this video will be right up your street.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number Two

Miss Anderson’s 2nd Fake Taxi appearance was released on July 28th 2016.  This time she is stuck in the taxi during British Summer time, and, of course it’s pouring with rain.  She got into the taxi not realising that it has in fact parked up because it had broken down.

The taxi driver explained that he was waiting for a mobile mechanic to come and help him out. Unfortunately the mechanic was going to be at least another 45 minutes.  But with the rain still pouring down outside, Carmel decided to wait rather than get soaking wet.

To pass the time Carmel and the taxi driver discuss all kinds of things, that eventually leads to talking about sex.  The taxi driver was fascinated to find out that Carmel was quite the little slut.

Check out Carmel Anderson’s cute little ass in her tight demin shorts.  When she give the taxi driver a blowjob, she is bent double and really shows off that tiny little butt≥

Carmel Anderson Public Agent Video

Ahhh, this is a video that I had the pleasure to edit.  I had waited nearly 6 years to finally be able to edit Carmel in a Public Agent video.  This video was shot at night in main land Europe.  The public Agent had had some luck in the casino and wanted to spend it by fucking a beautiful woman.

Luckily for him, he stumbled across Carmel Anderson walking in the street on her way to a bar.  She confessed to being single and abroad for fun.  This was too good to be true.  She had no problem is accepting cash to suck on his big cock.

Watch Carmel Anderson suck on a big fat cock in POV.  I loved the way she looks deep in to the camera.  She really looks like she is looking deep down into your soul.

Of course, she doesn’t just such his dick…no. She bends over and gets a hard fat cock deep in her pussy.  The POV standing up doggy-style sequence a must see piece of porn.

This scenes ends with Carmel taking a big load of spunk over her face. The Public Agent shot his load just in time, because soon after they were disturbed by general members of the public walking passed.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number Three

This Carmel Anderson’s third appearance in the legendary Fake Taxi.  Personally, I think this is her best Fake Taxi video.  Carmel Anderson is playing fresh-faced fit blonde who got into the Fake taxi in the middle of the day asking for a ride to the local college. It being mid-summer and all, the driver was under the impression that classes had broken up for the holidays.

They had, but not for Carmel, who had been kicked out earlier in the school year for dressing inappropriately. Said her teachers called her a distraction, she did. He could see their point: her tits were practically bursting from her dress!

Since they had treated her unfairly at school, the driver asked her if she wanted to say bollocks to the college and have some fun together.  He might’ve been older than the boys she was used to, but she had a fantasy of rubbing her pussy all over a bearded older man’s face, and he wasn’t about to say no!

College girls are extra freaky, and the fake taxi driver was always available to provide a supplementary education in the form of two fingers in the ass and a cumshot on a pretty face!

Carmel Anderson Fake Cop Video Number One

I loved editing this Carmel Anderson Fake Cop video.  It had everything I could ask for.  Carmel dressed in her gym gear and getting fucked hard by a man in uniform.  The Fake Cop pulls Carmel over in her car.  He tells her that he needs to give her a full body search.  But, as you will see, she is barley wearing any clothes at all.  Her gym gear consists of just a tiny pair of shorts and a sports top.

You get to see man in uniform try his best to keep his hands out of her pants.  But eventually the temptation got too much for him.  He fingers slowly moved under her shorts and around her pussy.  This really turn Carmel on.  She knew that she could fuck this copper right there and then.

They move into the police car and Carmel suck his big cock.  This British policeman really does have a big long cock.  He uses it to it full potential when Carmel climbs on top of it and rides it using her tight wet British bald pussy.

Carmel Anderson Fake Taxi Video Number Four

This Carmel’s final appearance in a Fake Taxi video to date.  It was released in November 2016.  Once again she is dressed up like a young little slut, and I fucking love it.

If you think the Fake Taxi driver could drive by a blonde beauty like Carmel Anderson without slamming down on the brakes, then you’re crazy! Since he’d been driving a long time without stopping, he asked Carmel if she’d mind him taking a piss, and would you believe that slutty voyeur came around and not only did she sneak a peek at his cock, the cheeky British babe grabbed the shaft and started trying to spell her name with the stream!

Once she’d grabbed hold of him, she dropped to her knees and started sucking on his prick, pushing her lips to the base of the shaft. After deepthroating him like a champ, Carmel bent him over the door and shoved her tongue up his arsehole, showing him no proper British slut is scared of giving a rimjob!

By the time they climbed back into the cab to fuck, he was aching for a chance to pound this Carmel’s puffy pussy, taking a short break for standing 69 before he plastered her with a gooey facial!

Carmel Anderson Fake Cop Video Number Two

I was very happy to find out that I would be editing another Carmel Anderson porn video.  Again, it was for Fake Cop.  This time it was shot in Spain.  Under the hot Spanish sunshine, Carmel was caught stealing oranges from an orchard.  The British speaking policeman has caught her red handed.

Carmel tried her very best to convince the uniformed policeman that she has bought the oranges from a shop.  This copper was having none of it.  He was convinced that she had just picked them off a tree.

Luckily for Carmel, this copper was fixated by Carmel’s amazingly fit body.  He began to forget about the oranges, and start blatantly flirting with this British holiday making babe.

Carmel was more than charmed by his wit and sexy one liners.  Very soon Carmel was on her knees and sucking the policeman’s long dong.  These two British fuckers get a real sweat on as they fuck each other under the hot Spanish sunshine.

Carmel Anderson Fake Agent UK Video

I believe that this was Carmel Anderson’s first appearance in a FakeHub porn video.  Fake Agent UK was a great web site.  There was some extreme hardcore fucking on these scenes.  Carmel’s Fake Agent UK scene was no exception.

When a chick says she loves sex and would be willing to give porn a go, you know you’re in for a good time. This also meant she didn’t need much convincing to take her kit off neither. A bit of money and some exotic locations chucked in for good measure, and she was bent over naked in front of the UK Fake Agents desk touching her toes.

Perfect. When it came to getting his digits wet in her pussy he initially thought that he would have a hard time getting one finger in her pussy due to her being so petite, so when he easily shoved in three, he was shocked.

Happy, but shocked. After giving her pussy a good stretching Carmel Anderson put her tongue to good use, and got her to suck my cock and give his arsehole a good rimming. This chick lapped up everything he gave her, she was definitely a naughty girl.

Then after fucking her pussy to the hilt in a number of positions, the Fake Agent let rip into mouth, where she gulped down every last drop of cum, not spilling a single drop. He was fucking speechless. A perfect way to end a perfect interview.

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Editing the Fake Taxi Karma Synn Pounds or Pussy Video

Editing the Fake Taxi Karma Synn Pounds or Pussy Video

I have to be honest, I had never heard of Karma Synn.  I never realised just how popular she is on Instagram.  The FakeHub social media manager was very keen to get this video online as quick as possible.

This tattooed Canadian social media star climbs into the back of the FakeTaxi wanting to get to London.  Unfortunately she only has Canadian dollars to pay the driver with.  When John the taxi driver turns and says he only accepts pounds or pussy, that gave me the title of the scene right there and then….Cheers John.

Looking at , it is obvious that she has a huge following for her tattoos and big booty.  Her big Canadian ass is well and truly out on display for all to see in this Trans-Atlantic Fake Taxi episode.

John the driver nearly gets swallowed by her ass when she sits on his face on the backseat.  You really need to to understand what I mean.

Overall, this was a great scene to edit.  I’m really proud to be editing social media stars for Fake Taxi.  Will we see Karma Synn again?  Will she make an appearance in a Fake Driving School video on her UK travels??

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Phoenix Madina Fake Taxi Edited by XXX Video Editor

Phoenix Madina Fake Taxi Edited by XXX Video Editor

With her bright green hair and hunger for cock, Phoenix Madina makes a great backseat passenger for the Fake Taxi driver to fuck.  Just before I received this Fake Taxi scene to edit, I saw on Twitter that Miss Madina had dyed her hair blonde.

So I was surprised to see her in this Lick My Pussy and Fuck My Arse still with bright green hair.  I was actually looking forward to seeing her getting fucked with blonde hair.

Never mind.  It was still a really exciting scene to edit.  The taxi driver explained that he had just found out that he needed to spend a load of cash to get the famous black cab through it next MOT.  There was something wrong with the suspension.  That was probably due to the amount of fucking that has taken place in the backseat.

If you are a regular Fake Taxi viewer, you will know just how hard John fucks his female passengers.  All that hardcore pussy pounding has taken it’s toll on the taxi’s poor suspension.  So to cheer him up, Phoenix Madina offers him her arse to fuck.  That was an offer he was never going to refuse.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of porn editing a Phoenix Madina porn video.  I’ll look forward to seeing on my edit screen again one day.

to keep upto date with all my latest XXX video editing.  I try to announce my blog posts on Twitter as soon as they are posted.

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