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Porn super stars Monique Alexander and Charles Dera star in Brazzers Remote Controlled Boss.  This is a porn video produced for Big Tits at Work.

Monique Alexander has been waiting a long time for this work presentation. In order to calm her nerves, Monique decides to try out her new remote controlled vibrator.

In Remote Controlled Boss, however, her alone time is unfortunately cut short when her incompetent employee, Charles Dera, enters the room. Monique explains that Charles had better not fuck up this presentation or her ass is grass! After failing to meet her expectations, Monique replaces Charles and saves the presentation.

Feeling defeated and demoralized, Charles decides to get back at his boss… He finds the remote and decides to give Monique a little taste of her own medicine…

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Spa For Horny Housewives Monique Alexander

Top rated pornstar Monique Alexander stars in Brazzers Spa for Horny Housewives.  This HD porn video was produced for Real Wife Stories, released on April 25th, 2019.

Monique Alexander’s husband has convinced her to take a day off and visit the famous Spa For Horny Housewives. While Monique gets comfortable, her husband meets with Xander Corvus behind a two way mirror to discuss what kind of service he’d like his wife to receive…

In Brazzers Spa For Horny Housewives, Monique’s husband settles in and watches his wife get exactly what she’s been craving for so long… a little peace and relaxation… Oh, and Xander’s huge, juicy cock in her tight ass!

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Brazzers HOE-tel Jane Wilde & Monique Alexander

Brazzers HOE-tel stars two pornstars with a combined total of 112 Brazzers video appearances between them. Admittedly 110 of those are from Monique herself.

Monique Alexander is on her way back to the arms of her sweet loving man, but an unexpected rainstorm strands her at a seedy motel. As if being stranded wasn’t bad enough, it seems like someone at the motel has taken an… unusual interest in the Monique.

In Brazzers HOE-tel, when Monique discovers that she’s being spied on and tormented by the perky receptionist, Jane Wilde, she realizes that she has to teach the sneaky little voyeur a lesson that she won’t soon forget.

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Wish Upon A Dildo Brazzers Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander and Xander Corvus star in this fantasy porn video called Wish Upon A Dildo.  This is the 109th time that Monique has performed in a Brazzers porn video.

Brazzers Wish Upon A Dildo – Full Scene Description

Monique Alexander comes across an old dildo stuck between the cushions in her couch. As she rubs it clean she thinks about how she’d love some pie for dessert. Suddenly a pie appears out of thin air! Ecstatic, Monique decides to see what else this magic dildo can conjure up. Is it powerful enough to surprise her with the perfect man? She is horny after all…

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Monique Alexander Cumplimentary Massage

Monique Alexander Cumplimentary Massage

Xander Corvus has checked in to his hotel after a long flight, and with an important business meeting scheduled for the next day, all he wants to do is get some rest. But first, he decides to unwind by masturbating. A knock at the door, though, startles him, and he’s surprised to find Monique Alexander there saying she’s here for his complementary massage.

Xander hides his hard cock and sends her away, but when he steps out for some ice, he returns to discover that Monique has snuck inside his room and set up her table. After his initial shock, Xander settles in for a massage, only to register further shock when Monique turns on his room’s television to a porn film – in which she’s starring.

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